Musical Friday #87

Hello Bananas! This week I've been a bit absent of my Blog, I don't remember if I have already mentioned this but I'm actually editing some of my ooollddd blog posts, like adjusting it, putting the little info in case I don't own the copyrights of the photos and etc. Funny thing if you have been on Blogger as long as me (since 2007) you will know there were some big changes when it comes to putting a picture on your post, you had an option in where you had to pick if you wanted the picture on the left or right (or middle) for an idea what I'm talking about, check out this very old post of mine about Rihanna (here). It is actually a nightmare to try and re-edit this stuff now :/, because of all the HTML details. I can understand a little bit just because I was lucky to study about this during High School years but still there is a lot I don't know.
Last week while searching for new music I came across Vevo's Youtube list suggestions for Rock and Metal music/videos. In case you don't know this, I do love my Pop/Dance/Hip Hop music but I'm a big Rock/Metal fan >.<, ooohhh my teen years my teen years XD. So the following videos/music will probably not be of your taste.
Anyways tomorrow I'm going away just for two days. God another day that I have to wake up early -_- hate that. 
Talk to you Bananas once I'm back! x

Soundgarden - By Crooked Steps - New

Hoobastank - Can You Save Me? - New - EEIIXXXX I haven't heard of Hoobastank in freaking AGES!

Amaranthe - The Nexus - New

Love And Death - The Abandoning - New - Oh a bit of a background story the lead singer of this band used to be a guitarist on another well known band... KORN! That's why when I started to listen to this song I felt like so nostalgic it tottaly has a early 2000's vibe.

Peace - Wraith - WARNING! You might not enjoy this video if you are not into the stripper stuff. But the song is quite nice.

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Tumblr.


  1. gostei imenso dos sons que escolheste

  2. New to your blog and just connected through the very first post. I have used bloglovin too and about the HTML tags... same pinch. Just understand them a little. Is changing the align = center from align = left not working on the Rihanna post ?

    And plus kudos to your commitment as you are going back and editing old posts. Remind me I should be back in the habit of crediting now, with each post or will have a backlog later.

    Following you on bloglovin ! Would love to read more from you !

    The Creative Bent

    1. Lol ! I meant blogger in my first line and not bloglovin !

    2. Thank you very much for the tip Swati.
      Yeah I decided to go and check my old posts to also see how they are adjusting to my latest layout, because my Blog has changed a few times since 2007.
      But it is really hard to do this since I'm now working with a really old computer so patience is a virtue.


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