Hello February

Hello Bananas! It feels like that just yesterday we were in December 2012 and now we are already in February. Jesus times flies.
I haven't been in Portugal during the month of February for the last 3 years, so I have no idea how is the weather going to be but hopefully it will be sunnier.
Like I mentioned on yesterday's post with February it comes two dates that I hate, Valentine's Day and Carnival (Carnaval). Right now Pinterest and Youtube are getting filled with pictures and videos for V.Day aaahhh I can't deal with all the pinks and hearts. And with Carnival I used to celebrate it as a child but into my teens I lost interested and somewhere in the first decade of the year 2000 I started to celebrate (our version of) Halloween at Akuma Kanji's house which I prefer 10 thousands times more.
Anyways here are some inspirational images.

Source: expimage.com via Karen on Pinterest

Source: google.com.br via Karen on Pinterest

I do not own the Copyrights of these pictures. They were found via Tumblr & Pinterest.


  1. This is a great inspiration post. Love it :)

  2. I like this pics! oh i love capuccino ! xoxo Bom fevereiro para você linda!

  3. I always enjoy your inspirational photos!

  4. So many beautiful pictures!

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  5. Love this post, such an awesome collection of pics. Have fun in Portugal! Hopefully it's sunny for you!



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