Amazon... we meet again #1

Very soon I will have these two babies in my possession! A sample size of the famous super hyped Moroccan Oil and new headphones from Sony.
I'm using Amazon U.K. to buy these items. I haven't used Amazon since my first and last time in 2009, when I bought one of those gamers headpphones with microphone for an Ex-bf of mine as a Christmas gift, they were super cool, the sound of the bass with those headphones were ORGASMIC, sooooo good. Anyways, now that I'm back in the UK I decided to purchase some things, for the moment are these two.
For the Morrocan Oil I decided to buy the 10ml sample size, because even though there is a lot of positive feedback, on Amazon you can read people's comments about the item and there were some negative comments like, that the product didn't do absolutely nothing what so whatever to their hair and that the product is not even from Morroco is from Israel or something, and some people were scared of the ingredients aswell, so based on this, instead of buying the 20something Pounds bottle and get disappointed, 'cause knowing my hair like I do I would probably will, I will buy this one for now for 5.98£ and see what happens. Have any of you guys ever tried the Moroccan Oil?
And Regarding the headphones, well I basically need new ones lol. What I really wanted was one of those Beats by Dre headphones but they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive >.<, so these Sony MDRZX100W Fashionable Headphones in White, will do for now, aren't they cute? Hopefully the quality of the sound will be good!


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They were picked from Amazon U.K..


  1. I use Morocanoil and I love it! is very very good ;)

  2. Nice!
    Love the headfones.


    Giveaway - $30 voucher


  3. Comprei uns headphones parecidos também da sony. São wireless, para quando à noite tou a ver tv não incomodar a minha sis ;)

  4. Esses phones devem mesmo ter um som bombástico, só têm tanta adesão e não me lanço a eles porque são uns bajolos que doem. Mas para curtir em casa deve ser bom!

  5. Karen, tu que me explicas tudo..lolol explica-me lá agora, para que serve o moroccan oil? eu ouço falar tão bem e ainda não entendi, só sei que é para o cabelo lololol
    Esses phonesssss são assim para o brutais!!:)) e sim, a ver se o som é tão bom quanto o aspecto dos mesmos hehehe

    Já não vinha aqui à imenso eheh

    Beijinhoss Karen, desculpa ser uma xata!!:S

  6. The headphones are so cute! Love itttt :)


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