Favourite Youtubers #2

Pic belongs to Chriselle Lim. Founded at her Facebook page.
I'm a big fan of Fashion Blogs. But better than just seeing the outfit of the day, I love DIYs (Do It Yourself) and tips in how to dress according to your body type, or how to pull of a certain look. I'm 1,60/1m and there are certain looks that taller slimmer girls manage to pull of that I can't. Like outfits that include a lot of mixed patterns, I see a tall girl wearing it, and I'm like “WOW and if I try to do the same is more of a “WTF! Did you just role out of bed and role on some clothes that were on your floor Karen?”. Basically the taller you are the “more space” you have to put more stuff on you. I like layering!
A style that I like is the “Less is More” style. Like you just wear 2 basic colours, not much jewellery not much make up and still look perfect and light and fresh, if I do that, I feel like I look so BORING! Another style that I like is like total black outfits! Black is one of my favourite colours, and if I wear a total black look, I might look like someone with no sense of style and boring, so I admire some girls that I able to pull off a total black look. I guess mixing different texture pieces, which I still learning about it. 
I'm still trying to figure out things that look best on me. I'm not a ONE style girl, I like to change all the time, today I'm girly, tomorrow I'm rocker, the day after street style I don't know.
Anyways Today I wanted to share you one of my Favourite Youtubers. Her name is Chriselle Lim. I “met” Chriselle trought another Youtuber Super Star Michelle Phan she's a Make up Guru on Youtube. Michelle did like a video with the help of Chriselle, about some tips with accessories or something, later on she became a frequent on Michelle's channel and then people start to request for Chriselle to create her own channel.
Here are some of her videos that I like. I hope you enjoy them too and learn a thing or two!

Embracing, Loving, & Styling Your Own Body! - This is Defo a GOOD video!

What To Wear On Thanksgiving (or any holiday party!)

7 Basic Pieces 14 Looks – This video is perfect. For those girl that always have the dilemma of having loads of clothes and don't know what wear, or girls that always end up wearing a certain piece the same way (hint hint like me).

Layering and Mixing Textures

Winter Basic- Cowl Neck Sweater – So many different ways of wearing the same Cowl Neck Sweater!

What To Wear On School Picture Day – You may not have a Picture Day at your School, but this video is still usefull for when you have to take a new picture for your ID and what not.

4 Simple Ways To Wear Your Belt – Good for those that want to wear their belts different ways!

Trash Into Treasures- DIY Embellished Sweater

DIY- The Collar Craze – For all those that like to you embellished collars.

Visit Chriselle's Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Blog for more Chic ideas!

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  1. oh so cute!! love the third youtuber! ;)

  2. totally love that white coat!


  3. Ai ai ai
    Amei aquele look da foto em cima

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  4. yaay i'm your 200. follower!!! :) congrats! haha
    i really like your blog & thanks for your comment btw!
    i'd be very happy if you returned some time and maybe follow back?! :)
    xxx love


  5. Those youtubers are so inspiring, love the video you suggested, I should check them more, instead I am more into visiting just fashion posts with pics !
    Your blog is very nice and if you want we could follow each other on bloglovin and facebook <3
    Also, you're invited to enter my Valentine's giveaway to win 120 $ gift certificate and tights on Romwe.com !
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  6. Hello darning!Thank you so much for your sweat comment!i’m so sorry for my late reply but i’ve been super busy studying for my exams!Your blog is amazing and im following you now!hope to see you on my blog again!

    xo nandia

  7. Hi... Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog..
    and yes.. I don't really like online shopping especially shoes..
    make me feel.. hmmm.. insecure???
    Exactly just like what you said dear.. LOL.. =3

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment! I love your blog too - it's wonderful! Following you now. :)

    This post is amazingggg - I've never watched youtube fashion DIY videos so thank you for opening my eyes up to them! Will definitely be watching these ones when my computer video player works again!

    Hope you have the most beautiful weekend!

    <3 Mandy xx

  9. I love Chriselle - she is so talented and always has the prettiest outfits. And above all, she's very nice and sweet too!


  10. Thank u for sharing those videos, I'll check all now, one by one!!



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