Musical Friday #39

Picture of The Title Sequence "stage".
Heeelllloooo everyone! How was your week? Mine was pretty cool. Yesterday I went to see again the same band I saw last week The Title Sequence, it was even better this time ´cause it was just them, playing with no interruption (well sort of, they did talk in between songs), because last time was a mix of short films, them playing, then music videos, then back to films, anyways it was lovely, I had loads of fun, I talked to the musicians, bought their Vinil disc-single, asked for the autograph and all haha.
This week I decided to buy a face tonic - is that what it´s called? - I bought from L'Oreal, and I guess my skin doesn't like it. First of all I bought the wrong one, I took for dry skin, my skin is mixed... and now I'm having little pimppulls on my face... so I'm DEFO gonna stop using it and see if I can returned... terrible... terrible... just now that my skin was doing so well....
Huuummm what else... OH... yeah... ahmmm IIIIIII register for like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sort ooffffff acting class >.
OH OH I alredy have my Amazon stuff o_O, lke when I bought them on Monday night on Amazon it said it should arrive between the 25th and 29 of February, but actually came yesterday (Thursday) :D. So far I'm loving my headphones, the Morrocan Oil I haven't tried yet, I will do it tomorrow!
HOPEFULLY tomorrow I will go out at night to a PROPER Disco night, not disco disco, just a cool nightclub it good danceable updated music. I really miss a goodnight of all night dancing!

Cassie - King Of Hearts - New Single - OMG! Do you remember Cassie? Yeah it's been a while but I guess she is finally back! When I saw the video and heard the song for the first time I was like hhuuuummm not bad... now?.... I'M IN LOOOOOVVVEEEE! I can´t stop listening to it!

Chris Brown - Turn Up The MusicNew Single - Okei... did you know that aparently Chris Brown is possibly working with Rihanna on a track? Ohhhh my dayyyssss... Regardless of that I really like this new single of his, it really makes me go clubbing!

Alexandra Burke - Elephant - New Single

LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking - New Single

Conor Maynard - Can't Say No (Lyric Video) - New Single - Watch out for this boy! His the "new" Justin Bieber (dot) British Version... so far waayyyy much better than Bieber lol. plus cutter! First time I saw Conor, was when I was looking for a Drake's song, and I saw that Conor made a cover version of Marvins Room from Drake, fffffuuuuuu so good! You haZ GOT to CHECK IT!

This picture belongs to Me/Karen U..


  1. Adorei, já vi que gostas do mesmo estilo de música que eu :P

  2. Whenever I need some new great music I just need to visit your blog!;)



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