New in the Bag Department #1


Hello everyone! Guess what? I´m sick! -_- After a weekend of full on fun, my body decided to get sick... go figure. Anways let me start sharing with you a few things that I bought here in London, I will start with bags for today.
From this trio, 2 bags are from Primark and one from H&M.
Picnik collage_2
This bag I bought it in the end of January in Primark. I wanted a bag shaped like this since I saw the Furla bags. Since I can´t afford Furla, this is the next best things haha. I took of that little chain thingy though.
Picnik collage_3
OOOOHHHH THIS BABY! I bought it this last Saturday at H&M. When I saw it a weekend ago I knew I had to have it! I guess is for the new Spring collection of H&M. This is another case of, since 90£ is too much for me to give for a bag at the moment like the Cambridge Satchel, this is the next best thing.
Picnik collage_4
And this guy is from Primark and is actually from the Men section. Sometimes I go to my friends Zuzana's house and sleep over, so I needed a bag to carry all of stuff and this one is perfect!
So guys what do you think about my newest acquisitions?
Which one is your favourite?

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. That H&M satchel is AMAZING - so perfect and versatile ... just what I need! :)

    <3 Mandy xx

  2. looove that h&m bag too!!
    thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!

  3. The white one is my fav! Check my blog and follow me if you want!



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