More Music... Kim Kardashian decided to become a singer....

Hey guys, it's true I haven't been posting much as I wanted to, 'cause I'm still managing with my work schedules, it's not from Monday to Friday, from 9am till 5pm all the time, it rotates alot. I have at least two weekends off per month, the rest of my days off change, plus for like 3/4 days I have one schedule, and I will have another schedule for another 3/4 days. The place that I work at it's open from 7:30 till 10pm, I work full-time, 8 hours...but at least I know my schedule for the whole month with a month in advance, and we can try and request if we want the morning shift, or the afternoon shift, and also we can request in advance, if we want to have a certain day off. I asked for the 18th and 19th of April off, 'cause on the 18th is my Bday :P but okay, enough of that now, I will try and do my weekly resume of Prague mañana.

Now on to some more music, but this one might not be of your taste.... I don't think is mine either lol.
Kim Kardashian, yeah you heard me/read it :P. Some time ago I saw Kim talking to channel E! I think, giving like a sneak peak of her future projects, and they even showed some pictures that I think they belong to her future videoclip. So her first single (I guess) it's called Jam (Turn It Up), the video gotta be freaking HOT, 'cause as far as musicality goes, on this video alone, has 39.848 people that hate it, and  2.671 people that likes it :/ DAMN, and this video was only uploaded on the 2nd of March, auch!

Soooo what you think about it?

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