Christina baby what's going on?

"You are beautiful, no matter what they sayyyy..." yyeaahhh listeeeen about that.... (lol).
Damn! Have you seen Christina Aguilera lately? The girl is going from bad to worse. And I'm not only focusing on her FAST weight gain, her life in general aswell. I think it was after the Globe Awards 2011, there was like an after party of some actor, and she and her new boyfriend went to the Party (not sure if they were indeed invited) and got drunk, and passed out in the bedroom of the owner of the party :S .
Then there was I think, a situation where she had to sing the National Anthem, and missed some lines of the song... now JAIL? Really? o_O
Giiiiirrlll, what the fudge? People say sisnce have been going bad for here since here divorce, which till today, I have no idea the reason of it, there were very private about that, which is cool, great. But it has been something pretty DAMN bad, for her going on a down spiral.... they seemed always so happy together.
The weight situation, is not the first time that she gain some pounds, but this time is a "record". 

This guy is not a good influence on her... who tha hell is he anyways?


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