Ke$ha - Blow feat. James Van Der Beek

Yeah.... Miss Ke$ha is back... the new single is called "Blow" and it has the guest appearance of a kinda of a famous actor during the 90's from the series Dawson's Creek, James Van Der Beek (his currently doing a new Medical series called Mercy, were he plays the role of a Doctor).
- Anyways, I kinda dig the song, but the video, OMG... WHAT THE FUDGE? It didn't made sense what so ever.... specially in scenes like, Ke$ha takes her bra out, and then James also takes a bra... nigga say whaaattt? 
- And then in the end they say like "So let's dance"... and they start lazer shooting each other o_O....
- Plus there are Unicorns with human bodies.... that some people say that is a "reference" to Lady Gaga, 'cause she has a Unicorn on her CD cover of her new album, don't know about that, but I do know theres is a Unicorn on Lady Gaga's new videoclip for "Born This Way"... I will talk about that on my next post haha;
- OH my God, and the stupid weird laugh in the end of the video... weeiiiird.
- And theeen I saw this comment about her video on Youtube, and all made sense to me now haha;
"Someone said all her videos are visions she has when shes drunk."
- Don't be suprise if the video below is not working, many people upload it, but you know, copyrights people take it out, and I can't see the video on Vevo/Youtube.... it says that thing of like due to the country that I'm in I can't see it -_- F you Vevo!
- Also this video, I random person uploaded, and he/she decided to invert the video if you know what I mean.

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