And the Shopping in Prague continues....

These are a few things I bought during the month of March....

Base MaxFactor Xperience
The New Foundation for Max Factor in Brown Hessian 75 (so far so good I haven't used it many times)

Pink Jeans
My new Pink Jeans from Zara

A simple skinny belt from H&M

Some simple shirts/tops from C&A

H&M Black Sneakers


Aaaaannnddd 4 earings from Terranova

What do you think?
P.S.: Shopping in Prague, it...is...NOT...CHEAP.... even if it at stores like, Zara, C&A, H&M..... it's not extremely expensive.. but still, I have to control myself. God I miss Primark >.< hehe.

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  1. Hi! I always loved Max Factor products but is not easy to find them here in Portugal. Loved the pink pants that are simply beautuful and so trendy! :)


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