It's the 1st of February, say wwwhhaaattt :O ... So soon already....
Damn! It's what I always say, since the year 2000 came, times flies... 
My month of January passed like vrrrruummm, and so much happened, the 1st week I was still in Mozambique, then stayed 2 weeks in Portugal, and then rush up to Czech Republic o_O damn!
And now I realise that I'm 2 months and a half of becoming 25 years old, OOOHHH NOOOOOO! A quarter of a Century >.< aaahhh! ggeeeezzzz! 
But what I'm really looking forwards is for SPRING! OH YES! The cold over here is killing me. It's way much colder over here than it was in Nottingham comparing to this time of year to last year, I think. When I was younger I used to looooove Winter, but now I only crave for warm weather :3


Picture from my first day in Prague at my friend's house


  1. I loved Prague is a beautiful city, I was in the summer but the rain should also have their charm!

  2. Grandes voltas ;)

    eu vou fazer 26! :P


  3. I've never been to Prague, I should go though!

  4. I agree Jan. pasted by so quickly. But I'm excited about February. I love that we are moving closer and closer to Spring and no more snow!


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