Favourite Youtubers #1

Imagine from Julian Smith's Facebook

Hello everyone :)
I decided to once a month, give a prop, I guess, to my favourite Youtube Channels.
And I will start with Julian Smith from the channel juliansmith87 . I came across Julian's Channel I think in the beginning of 2010, and I subbed it right away! I think the first video that I saw was "Malk", and for me was hilllaaarriioouusss :P
Below you will see some of my favourite videos from his Channel. For more information about him, follow the links his:
- JulianSmithTvMe - Personal Info


Hot Kool Aid

Techno Jeep (Original) - This one is bloody originaly awesome.

25 Things I hate about Facebook - I think this one of the clips that made him lets say famous.

Grandma like Whoa


Red Eye Flashes Twice

Beached Whale

Racist Coffee - One of my favourite clips, love the beat haha

I'm reading a book - If you are into reading book, this is the song for you :D

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