Double B-day (2010)

So last weekend (18 of April) was my birthday, Hurraayyy now I'm 24 -_-' lol, never thought I would get this far XD. My B-day was on a Sunday, and on Saturday it was my friend's Zuzana B-day (she turned 21). So we decided to do a Double B-day.
Two weeks before the Birthdays, I sent a message through Facebook to our Erasmus friends, to ask them if any of them would like to join us for the Double B-day. Me and Zuzana weren't expecting many people because it was Easter holidays, everybody goes to their home country bla bla bla. But surprisingly about 11 people came plus other 5 that I didn't knew lol for the dinner.
So yeah, on Saturday, I did my pampering, pseudo-spa treatment, washing my hair, shaving lol, exfoliate my body and my face, then I did blow dry and straighten my hair. After finishing that, I went to Zuzana's house, and helped her blow dry and crimp her hair, and I also did her eye make-up, and I used false eyelashes for her, it it looked awesome. Then I did my make-up, but no false eyelashes :P
Dinner was at 8pm I think, so we left the house (me, Zuzana, and Maria) around 7:40pm. Arrived at the restaurant at 8:01pm lol, we were the 1st, so that was good, Oh the name of the restaurant is The Citi, is a buffet restaurant with, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Italian food (what the hell is Italian food doing in that mix lol), then in the following minutes the rest of the people arrived. It was a nice dinner.

After dinner, we went to my and Zuzana's favourite nightclub in Nottingham Dogma >.<>

Then on Sunday, for my B-day, it was a more chill'out celebration. We went to Alboretum Park around 4pm, and had a picnic, and the 2 French girls, each one baked a cake :P Juliette did a chocolate cake and Axelle a nuts cake, they were both delicious nom nom nom.

Thank you all for coming, and thanks to all that wished me a happy B-day, specially my friends from back home, that couldn't be here <3

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. From the heart!

    P.S.: Vê lá se te dás ao trabalho de aprender a escrever inglês oh! XD

  2. Esta cenaça aqui não me corrige os erros em Inglês só em Português, e eu no meu PC eu tenho o Open Office, e não sei porque o dicionário desta porra não anda a funcionar. But anyways no outro dia li um dos meus post, sei que tinha erros, mas tive preguiça de ir corrigir lol


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