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Paaassss ooouuutttt, It's a number 1 hit on the Urban U.K.'s charts.
Rapper and MC Tinie Tempah (original name Patrick Junior C. Okongwu)born on the 7 of November of 1988 from London, he didn't become a success over night, he has been around for a while, although I didn't knew him >.< All I can say is that I love this song. Here's the some clips, the 1st one is just with the song, then after there's a link to see the official videoclip, I couldn't find a version of the clip with the Embed code, they were all dis-activated. The Official video is single and awesome.
UPDATE: The video below as been updated with the Official videoclip.

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Google.

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  1. Parabéns pá! Que tenhas um dia óptimo! ^__^ Dan & António


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