Never go to a Kebab shop at late hours

Once upon a time 4 girls went to their favourite local nightclub called Dogma. Karen (that's me), Zuzana, Eva, and Kamila.
Karen was the 1st one to arrive, she stayed outside Dogma, waiting for the other girls. On that night there was a queue at Dogma's door, which was rare to happen. Then the other 3 girls arrived, they entered, and Karen notice something odd going on inside, about 3 or 4 Dogma's employees were cleaning the floor o_Ô huh? Did someone spild a jug of Vodka on the floor? Nope, there wasn't it, on the 1st floor of Dogma it's the toilets, and probably something happen with the pipes and then shiz happened >.< . So the girls had a drink, and then went downstairs to dance. They dance the night away, great music that night,and of course as always an occasional guy, that just stands there on the dance floor, “looking around” with their leather jacket on and also the occasional guys fighting and then the security comes along, break the fight and take the guys out.
After having fun at the nightclub the 3 Russian girls (Zuzana, Eva and Kamila) [there are not Russian, they're from Slovakia] were feeling hungry, so all 4 went to a Kebab shop that was close to another bar called Bodega. It was around 3am. It was a very small place and it was kinda full of hungry people. So the girl ask for a burger with chips and a pizza and they stayed at the Kebab place to eat. There were some young teenagers in there, one of them all happy 'cause it was his B-day, and he turned 18. Some minutes later, those teenagers left and two guys started to fight, God knows why. At first we thought, “Oh it's going to end soon.”, but no, it didn't, the owners of the Kebab place, didn't manage, or didn't have the balls to fully separate those guys and take them outside, so the guys kept fighting, and moving towards were we were sitting, and it got to the point that Karen and 3 Russian girls, got stuck in a corner and couldn't get away. Karen was in front of the 3 Russian girls, the guy that was being punched (let's mark him as “A”) was close to the girls and the guy that was punching (let's mark him as “B”) was punching “A” and also throwing him tables and chairs. The girls were screaming, “STOP! STOP!”, but Mr.B nothing, kept on throwing, and unfortunately for Karen she also got smacked with the chair, on the arm and legs.... Then another guy, let's call him Mister Golden Teeth, opened Karen's handbag probably trying to find her wallet to steal but unlucky for him Karen only had her boots and umbrella inside the handbag (the important stuff, keys, money, and documents, were with Karen in another small purse) Karen ran towards Mister Golden Teeth direction, screaming “LEAVE MY BAG!” and took her handbag of his hands, and he didn't fought about it, just ran away. At the same time all of them ran, leaving behind a crashed Kebab shop, with a guy bleeding from his mouth, and a bruised girl. The 4 girls immediately left the place and a bruised in pain Karen began to cry....
The girls went home, Karen undressed herself to see the state of her body and she had a swollen left arm, and bruises on both legs. She put ice on her arm so that the swelling didn't get worse. On the next morning Karen had “black bruises” on her body, you can see on the pictures below. Also you can see a drawing of the Kebab place. Conclusion....Karen is never going to a Kebab shop, specially at night, specially that one close to Bodega.

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


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  2. Porque isso não são horas para se estar numa loja dessas nomeadamente num país que não conheces. Sorte tens tu de serem só nódoas negras, caso contrário podíamos estar agora a chorar por ti!

  3. É um país que não conheço kinda entre aspas porque já vivo à cerca de 6 meses aqui, e sei que vivo na cidade supostamente mais perigosa do Reino Unido "Shotingham".
    Mas pronto, terra diferentes, habitos diferentes, algo normal por aqui,às sextas e sabados à noite pelo menos, é haver Kebab shop e MacDonalds abertos até ás tantas da madruga, precisamente para o pessoal que sai dos nightclubs às tanta da noite, and they all got the monchies. E nessa noite só fomos parar aquele sitio pa comer, porque a Zuzana não tinha nada em casa para comer, a moça não faz compras de jeito lol.


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