Every girl can use a red lipstick... you just gotta find THE ONE :P

I can say that I always admirer girls that can use and pull off well a red lipstick. But I always been afraid to use it on myself. That was until I found THE ONE *aaaahhhhhh*. Before my B-day, I went with my friend Zuzana to Superdrug (a cosmetics store), she was looking for a new concealer and lipstick I think, and I was just looking around for lipsticks, if I could find any good colour. I use to have a MAC lipstick sample in tones of a dark red, kinda like a dark cherry, but I don't what happen to it :( I think it was around Christmas when I lost track of it, maybe I left it in Portugal back home :S Anyway, I found this red lipstick, which I don't remember the brand of it XD sorry girls, it's not a Internationally know brand, that I know (it's no Rimmel, Maybelline, L'OREAL, Max Factor, Bourjois, Revlon, well I guess you got the picture). But the name of the colour is Ruby Red :P here it is the pictures of it.

And here's a clip that might help with you, about The Red Lipstick, how to apply it and which shade is the best for you. 

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. Tenho a dizer que a cor é linda! Então e foto da cor nos teus lábios, não? Isso também varia de pessoa pa pessoa. Vá lá, quero ver uma :P ***

  2. Um dos meus últimos posts, o do meu aniversário, eu usei este batôn plus um lip gloss por cima. Mas ainda não tenha close-up photo. da próxima vez que sair e usar esse batôn eu meto. ;)


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