A pseudo-hero for a couple of minutes

Sunday, 28 of March, my friends and I decided to go out to a park and have a picnic. So since we need it "picnic food" we went shopping at our local ASDA :P
When we were almost finished, I bumped into a little Asian girl, and I said "OH I'm sorry.", and I notice that the girl was sad, and I thought that I had hurt her in someway...
- OH, did I hurt you?!?!
- I lost my mommy... - said the little girl... I kinda panicked, then a man came and started talking, and I thought for a moment that he was her father, but he was saying...
- Take the little girl to a employee.
Luckily a Asda employee was right there next to us and by this time he noticed also that the little girl was lost. So I asked the girl's name, she answered crying, Natasha it was, and I told her mine. So the Asda employee told me to follow him and take the girl with me, so I grabbed her hand,and the Asda employee told someone on his walky-talky about the little girl, I tried to calm the girl, saying that everything was going to be alright, that we were going to find her mommy. As we were approaching the Costumer Service place, her father appeared "NATASHA!" he said, he looked really P.O., poor girl just ran into her father's arms crying. So I went to meet up with my friends, and heard the Asda guy saying that it was the 3rd that this has happen in a week....
If I hadn't bumped into the little girl, I would probably not notice her, because my friends didn't and in a way , here in the U.K. we are used to seeing little kids, in one part of a place and the parent on the other, and the parent don't look that much concerned about it... which is horrible in my opinion.
One word.... pedophiles.... I'm just saying.

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Google.


  1. Tens razão quando trazes à baila a questão da pedofilia. É complicado tomar conta de todas as crianças do mundo, mas ainda assim é estranho como, sabendo que querem punir velhotes que fiquem a observar parques infantis, os pais não façam a sua parte e tomem conta dos seus filhos ou crianças a seu cargo. Não pode ser só a Lei a funcionar, as pessoas também têm que fazer a sua parte.*

  2. Yo Vanessa, basicamente ajudei uma rapariga que estava perdida num supermercado.
    Hey Toni, Por acaso no outro dia falaram-me de um programa que fizeram aqui em U.K., de que meteram uma menina no meio de um supermercado, para ver se alguem ia ter com ela para ajuda-la, houve alguns homens que notaram a miúda, mas eles não foram ajuda-la com medo de serem logo acusados de pedofilia :S


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