At Casablanca

After my classes today (16-3-2010) I went to friends Zuzana's and Maria's house, a.k.a. La Casablanca :P.
First I dyed Zuzana's hair blond ^_^ and then I became a cleaning freak >.< I helped Zuzana clean her W.C. and Kitchen, 'cause she's having her sister plus a friend over. Then I had a snack and did by daily English homework of writing a resume of a News per day. So far is going well, because I'm writing about things that I like, such as MUUSSIICCC, it's always better then writing about, bombs, politicians and shiz, those things are depressing -_-
And now I'm in bed with Zuz, she's booking her flying tickets to Slovakia for the Easter holidays :P
Mutxos fannós no?

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