Desperately in need of my Spring Break...

Yeah that's it, I need a big fat break.... Lots of stuff going on, and all at once. Like that saying in Portuguese "Quando uma coisa vai abaixo, vai tudo abaixo" it's basically, "When one thing falls, everything else falls", and it's not little things, it's actually big shiz -_-
I wanna sleeeeeep 'till late hours. I'm Le Tired. But then again if I do that, the day has passed away, and time really flies fast in this country (U.K.). One of the craziest, weirdest things I had to get use to it was the fact that in winter, when other people say to you that at 4:30pm is basically night, it is TRUE. And by 5pm is completely night, I'm not joking. So imagine that you wake up late lets say 1pm, before you know it's 4:50 and it's night... but technically is still "day" get it?
Most people are going home for Spring Break, I'm staying here.... big lack of money. And a lot of studying to do -_-
Oh well one of many thing I have to get use to.
I'm off to bed guys....

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  1. O sacrificio vai valer a pena certamente ;)

    Melhores tempos virão

    O que importa é fazeres as coisas com gosto.

    Rodeia-te de pessoas que te possam dar carinho e força :D

    beijão grande e um grande abraço


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