I need some Roadtrip advices! #1

Hello everyone! How you all been doing? Working much? Vacation much?
Today is my day off, I have a friend over my place Vanny Vans, and we were suppose to go to the Zoo today, but since is 10am now, I don´t know if it is still worth going today, we'll see.

Anyways, I would like to ask for some advices from all of you, if possible, in about two weeks I'll be doing sort of a roadtrip, and I'm TERRIBLE in planning things like this, I don't know what to visit on those places, best way to travel, best place to sleep over, meh!
Even thought some other friends of mine gave some suggestions - which I of course appreciate it -, I don´t think there is such a thing of too much advices for roadtripping :P. So I thought of asking you guys for more tips.

My roadtrip plan is suppose to be something like this:
. I will travel from Prague (Czech Republic) to Veneza (Italy) in some nocturnal transport (train or bus), and stay there for two days. 

.Next stop Modena (Italy) - to see the Ferrari Museum .... not my personal choice lol - we will stay there just for the day.

.And on the evening move to Milano (Italy), and stay for 2 days aswell.

.And then from Milano (Italy) to Paris (France) possibly on a nocturnal transport again, and aswell stay over for 2 days. I'm probably not going up the Eiffel tower... I heard the queues are maaasssiivveeeee.

.And last stop, from Paris (France) to Barcelona (Spain), travelling either by airplane, or again by night with a bus or train, and stay for 2 days.

After Spain I will return to Prague by airplane.

So what do you guys recommend?


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  1. Advices: nao sei qnd vais mas s for agora leva roupa leve p o dia (tipo aquelas calcas q s vendem nas feiras) e uma mais pesada para a noite (estar perdida em veneza a noite nao tem piada nenhuma e ainda manos se tiveres c frio. Esquece o calcado "bonito" para andar todos os dias e leva aqueles ténis super confortáveis que t fazem andar horas seguidas sem dores em lado nenhum (foi os únicos q usei). Leva uma boa mochila e uma mais pequena p andares c comida atras, agua e um casaco minimamente quente e com capuz q vais ter d levar. Acho q nunca apanhei tanta chuva como em Veneza quando fiz a minha viagem. Escolhe um q possas amassar dentro da mochila e que seja do q s chatins chamar "meia estação". Leva secalhar uma bolsa p a cintura ou p prenderes no cinto p dinheiro e afins... Stock up on underware e uns óculos de sol. Leva amostras d produtos tipo champos para n andares carregada c as embalagens todas e acho q tas good to go xp

  2. Those are my dream places for a vacation. I'm sorry if I can't give you an advice. I haven't been in those places, really. All I can tell you is that you should have fun, and leave all those worries behind. I hope you enjoy your trip. :-)

  3. What a dream vacation! Definitely sounds amazing. Yes, the cues at the Eiffel Tower are long if you take the elevator, but they're significantly shorter if you walk up the stairs (the wait to walk up is about 30 min vs. 2-3 hours for the elevator). You should definitely check it out - the view from the top is well worth the burning thighs you'll have after climbing up! :)

    xx from Montreal,

    I Bleed Fashion

  4. Soa bem. Também fariam parte do meu plano porque alguns são sítios onde nunca fui, mas recomendaria Londres. Já lá fui umas vezes e continuo com vontade de lá dar um saltinho.

  5. Que buen viaje, espero que te vaya muy bien y nos traigas muchas fotos!!
    Mil besos!

  6. Hello K.....

    ok, dois conselhos: entre Veneza e Modena tenta passar por Mantova. Também tem interesse artístico, mas como é pouco conhecida acaba por ser mais calma.
    2ª, cuidado redobrado quando andares por Itália, o tráfego é sempre a abrir e sem parar.

    De resto, diverte-te, tira muitas fotos....e volta inteira.


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  10. i dont have any advice on where to go cause ive never been but have fun!!

  11. Hey Karen, it looks like a very interesting trip! You have a lot planned it seems, but I think you will enjoy it. I loved Italy when I was travelling around Sardinia and Rome.....Paris and Barcelona are always good fun. My advice would be try not to fit too much into one day and maybe have one or two unplanned or flexible days.
    Also thanks for your comment on my blog and sorry for the late reply.
    May xx


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