In Mozambique.... still alive!

Ciao Girls.
As some of you may know, I'm in Mozambique right now >.< so I won't be posting much over here. I mean, I didn't spent 10 hours in an airplane so that I can stay in front of a computer >.< lol.
One thing I hate doing when travelling is.... packing, yeah I hate it, especially, when I get really in to it, really focus, and someone has to come and bother me every other minute, with a question or a request rsrsrsrrs >.< and then I always end up forgetting something. This time I forgot 3 little things, no big deal, but still...
I went to the Lisbon airport with my Mom, Dad and my big Brother Juca. I wait at the check thingy, for my aunt and cousin. We did the thing with the thing, had some problems, cause my cousin booked a cradle for her baby, and they had no information about that what so what evar -_-'
We had to walk alot, till we reached our terminal. The airport of Lisbon has grown, and if continues to grow, soon it will be like London Heathrow's airport GOD, that takes me like 20 minutes walking, very fast, from the airplane to the checkout, and vice versa.
Anyways, when we reached the terminal, we saw some other relatives of ours that were going with us to Mozambique.
It was time to get in to the airplane and the situation of the cradle is was still not resolved. So me and my aunt got in first, sat down, then I realised I was on the wrong sit, I was on the one behind were I was sitting. But this airplane was cool man, it was coool. How cool you ask? Let me pain you a picture, last time I went to Mozambique in 2001, I went with the company LAM, and the only had 3 songs on a loop, one from All Saints, another from Mariah Carey + 98ºC and another one, when I went and I came back (3 months later) it was STILL the same songs -_- plus I think there was a screen, but it was ONE, waaayyy on the front of the airplane, horrible.... NOW, I flew with TAP, every person has their on tv screen, and you could see (your choice) movies, music, games., Tv series, Tv shows, it was awesome! And the movie, they weren't that old at all,apart from some Christmas movies, they had, Eat,Pray, Love, Inception, Marmaduke, Disaster date, and many others,  I saw 3 movies :P re-saw Inception, and saw for the 1st time Disaster Date, and I saw some parts of the movie, but I saw it all this time, the 3rd X-MEN. And then I played some games.
The journey took like 10 hours :S I probably slept like an 1 hour and a half. OH BIG ADVICE, if you take a nocturnal airplane journey, make sure to take a warm jacket. The air condioner can be very cold, and drinkg lots of water, that shit dries my lungs and mouth up. 
I arrived at Maputo (Capital) at 6am, and lucky me, it was a rainy day -_- yeah, in case you don't know, over here is suppose to be Spring, going to Summer time >.<, so it kinda sucks right now.
So I got here, came to my uncles massive house, and I'm super Le tired! I didn't went out a bit with my cousins after our 2nd breakfast, but then after lunch I didn't feel like going out so I went for a nap, I was dying. And also didn't feel like going out on a rainy day, if I wanted that, I could have stayed in Portugal lol.

At the moment I'm on my cousins Computer, we still haven't manage to  connect the wireless internet to my Laptop, so as soon as I do that, I will upload some photos. And probably also on Deviant Art or Flickr.

Kisses to you all

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