Stuff that I bought a while back

These are some stuff that I bought some time ago. A small makeup palette for like £1,50 in Boots (Boots it's a place where you can find makeup stuff, hair products, pharmacy and some electronic stuff like, hair-dryers, electric tooth brush) and some makeup brushes that I bought in Primark (Primark is mainly a clothes store but it has a small makeup section, kinda like H&M).
So here it goes:
I guess the brand of this makeup palette is "17" and the collection I guess it was Va Va Voom, it comes with 4 colours, white, black, purple, and blue, and a little mirror inside, but no makeup brush (buuuuuuuu lol).

And these make-up brushes are from OPIA (at Primark). The fiest one is a Kabuki brush you can either use it for loose powder or blushes and the the other one is a double brush, for eyeshadow or use it to apply your concealer maybe. The fibers are synthetic but still very soft. There were two option either pink or purple, I picked purple, 'cause I love purple :P

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..

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