Movie List #4

When it comes to movies 2016 was one of the bests for me and I'm excited for 2017 because it will also be movie packed.
This is just a list of the movie s that I saw on second half of 2016.

Star Trek - Beyond - This movie came with a bitter sweet taste because if I'm not mistaken before this movie came out in the U.K. one of the main characters of the casts had passed away in a horrible car accident. R.I.P. Alton Yelchin.😢

Suicide Squad - Together with some other movies of the year Suicide Squad was one of the movies that I was most excited to see all year. I was good but it left me far from satisfied. I was hoping to see more of Joker and there was scenes that they were part of the trailers but it didn't make into the final cut of the movie which was quite disappointing. I just hope they make another movie starring just Harley Quinn (which was my favourite character of the movie, Margot Robbie did a great job) and the Joker.💙💜💚

Doctor Strange - For this one I can only say... Benedict Cumberbatch can do no wrong, as far as I can see 😆. I knew absolutely nothing about Marvel's Doctor Strange so in a way I didn't have big expectations so I left feeling content after watching the movie.

Star Wars - Rogue One - I ain't gonna lie. I was never a big fan of Star Wars but that was due to the fact as a child I got scared (more like traumatized) with Jabba the Hutt and because of that I never wanted to watch Star Wars. I casually watch the one from the early 2000's but I didn't really paid full attention to them. Only in 2015 I watched the movies with my boyfriend and all of this because we both wanted to watch at the time Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Anyway, Rogue One also named as Star Wars 3.9 because it is placed between episode III and IV, so it's like a little story that will focus... again... on the Death Star but in this case who built it and the mission to get the blueprints of it.For me the best was the robot K-2SO.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Now I may not be a hardcore fan of the Harry Potter family but I do enjoy it. It is part of my adolescence up until my early adulthood.
I don't know if to technically consider this a prequel but it is clearly about the early years of wizardry. The best part of the movie was me discovering Ezra Miller who plays Credence, which later this year we will see him play the Flash in the Justice League movie.

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