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EN: If you have been a follower of my Blog for a while you have probably noticed a lack of posts during a certain period of time and the reason for that is... LIFE!
Nope, no long explanation, just life in general, like I already had told you in past post, I used to work at least 6 days a week, sometimes even 7/8/9 days in a row. And then things also changed in my life this year, I'm in a new relationship, my boyfriend and I are now living together as well, I quit the previous job that was stuck and unhappy for a year and a half, I have a new job now that is a bit less tiring.
I also had a few trips to the hospital, basically my health was horrible I wasn't eating right and that over a certain period of time it developed in to Anaemia, which included me receiving two bags/units of blood transfusion (Big thank you to all Blood Donors).
And now here comes 2016, hopefully a year full of good adventures, because I already had enough of bad mojo for  2015. Although in the beginning of the new year, I already know I'm going to have changes in my life when it comes to my job, the current place that I work at, the store is going to close down and all of the staff (hopefully) will all be transferred to different shops. I won't lie I'm quite anxious and nervous for that.
Being back online felt good and I want to continue, so I'm going to keep it realistic and try to post at least once a week on the Blog and I going to try and start to make Youtube videos again. Recently my boyfriend managed to get a video editor program because apparently my Windows 8.1 laptop doesn't even come with a freaking Movie Maker.
Alright now I'm going leave you here and wish you all a Happy New Year.

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