M.A.C. - Midi-Mauve and Spice


EN: My M.A.C. collection is slowly growing, it will probably never be as big as other girls but I'm fine with that, I don't like to stick just to one brand, there is plenty of other brands that I want to explorer, I like to mix things up.
Last year after I bought my first M.A.C. lipstick and lip pencil, a few months later I bought another lipstick named Midi-Mauve with a lustre finish and a lip pencil in Spice.
When I went to the store I asked again for some help from one of the Sales Assistants in order to find a nice subtle nude colour so I could use when I wear darker eyeshadows.
Like last time I bought also the lip pencil in order to help the lipstick last longer because this lipstick  also has a Lustre finish so it has a very creamy formula and it's very easy to apply but the pencil that I end up buying (with the lady recommendation) makes the lipstick look more browner, so most of the times I just wear the lipstick on its own.


These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..

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