Musical Friday #146

EN: Hello everyone!
And once again long time no see. Even though one of my plans was to write more often on my Blog this year I feel like I have less free time as the year goes by.
I just can't help it, my job takes a lot of my time and when it comes to my days off is other spent resting and organising the house or going outside and enjoy the day with my boyfriend if I can (since we don't have many days off together).
Other than that, soon I will be turning 31 years old....  aaahhhhhhh where did the time go... I'm not ready for this....

Linkin Park - Heavy feat.Kiiara


Movie List #4

When it comes to movies 2016 was one of the bests for me and I'm excited for 2017 because it will also be movie packed.
This is just a list of the movie s that I saw on second half of 2016.


New Year New Glasses

EN: Hello everyone. First of all Happy New Year (I know it's late) and I hope you all had a happy holiday season.
One of this things that I hope for 2017 is to buy some new pair of glasses. I bought my current ones back in 2013 and since then I never changed the lenses or the frames so definitely is time for a overdue change. 
So these are some of the frames that I am interested in.


Christmas 2016 Wish List

Wish List for Christmas 2016

Wish List for Christmas 2016 by karenussene featuring a Beauty Blender, Harry Potter DVD set,

EN: Lately my boyfriend has been asking me for Christmas gifts ideas for myself. In all honestly I want loads of stuff, you can just go to my Pinterest wish list and you will see. 
So this is just a small list of a few suggestions of gifts. Now the decision is up to him😝.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.
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